Promptness of your work was outstanding...

I am most pleased to be a reference for you and your company. It was a pleasure working with you on my two homes. The quality and promptness of your work was outstanding, and you delivered what you said you would do. I appreciated your ongoing communication to keep me informed as to what was being done. In my experience, contractors generally are not able to express themselves as well as you do. Your attention, to protecting the cleanliness of the rest of my home was also appreciated.

l was impressed with the kindness, patience, and manners of you and all your workers; you are true gentlemen! The fact that you worked right along with your men, pitching in with whatever had to get done was extraordinary. You are a jack of all trades, AND a master of all of them! Please feel free to use this acknowledgement of you and your company at your discretion.

All my best,

Beverly S.